Asphalt 8🏎💨Caught hackers in Elite League MP race & leader board🏆


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As you guys can see in the video… that’s what happened during my last 2 races of Multiplayer Season 2 just minutes before it ends! I was lucky to beat that hacker to gain 8points in that race + 2 more points in the last race to put me bk into Elite League. But then I got pushed bk into Champion League by another stupid hacker using leader board cheat 😡! Also I’ve heard there are some more hackers in that Elite League from some well known big clans as well! [Not gonna mention names here as they will always deny it for sure :P]. But I know these guys jumped into that league without being in the top of Champion League or Pro League for sure! To me it’s not about the prize that I need as I already have that Mclaren 570s for Elite league rewards with around 300tokens more which doesn’t make much difference. But it’s the achievement that I should be finished in Elite league instead of Champion League especially after all these races I’ve done! I hope it wouldn’t have an effect of me being put bk into lower tier in the new Season 3 compare to other Elite League players also with 20xx MP points! Otherwise that would just be pure ridiculous especially I’ve heard the new season will have a new car from winter update too! Can’t wait!!! 😈😍

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Asphalt 8 Hack Click HERE