Asphalt 8??Caught hackers in Elite League MP race & leader board?


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As you guys can see in the video… that’s what happened during my last 2 races of Multiplayer Season 2 just minutes before it ends! I was lucky to beat that hacker to gain 8points in that race + 2 more points in the last race to put me bk into Elite League. But then I got pushed bk into Champion League by another stupid hacker using leader board cheat ?! Also I’ve heard there are some more hackers in that Elite League from some well known big clans as well! [Not gonna mention names here as they will always deny it for sure :P]. But I know these guys jumped into that league without being in the top of Champion League or Pro League for sure! To me it’s not about the prize that I need as I already have that Mclaren 570s for Elite league rewards with around 300tokens more which doesn’t make much difference. But it’s the achievement that I should be finished in Elite league instead of Champion League especially after all these races I’ve done! I hope it wouldn’t have an effect of me being put bk into lower tier in the new Season 3 compare to other Elite League players also with 20xx MP points! Otherwise that would just be pure ridiculous especially I’ve heard the new season will have a new car from winter update too! Can’t wait!!! ??

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