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Asphalt 8 Airborne Cheats 1.3.0 +7

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Compatible 1.3.0 ONLY
Compatible ARMv7 – ARMv7s – ARM64 based Devices

Asphalt 8

1. Inf. Nitro
2. Inf. Currency
3. No Crash
4. No Speed Limit
5. Everything Cost 0
6. Gate Drift Points Hack
7. Anti-Ban / UnBan*

*UnBan required decrypted binary (i.e cracked), although seems uninstalling the game and reinstall it may unban you as well (and this hack enabled)

Asphalt 8 Cheats

1. Inf. Nitro won’t decrease
2. Inf. Just spend some currency and you’ll get infinite amount
3. No Make whatever you want and your can will never crash!
4. No Speed The limit of maximum speed for each car has been removed, that mean you can reach incredible speed like 1000 km/h
5. Everything Cost 0: Everything on the game cost no currency
6. Gate Drift Points Pass one gate and get 668m or 803m
7. Anti-Ban / Now this can prevent you from banning if you’re not banned yet, and can even unban you if you were banned, but note that this will not work if you were banned from Multiplayer



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