Hack on multiplayer of asphalt 8


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My with my high VIP level 9. I got the +375% Daily Bonus for today! So I jumped into do the McLaren Mercedes MP4-25 season 9 race which gives one of the most credits u can earn in a single race for completing the 5stars⭐️ mission. Normally you would get around 19K credits for completing that mission (without any extra bonus). But with the Daily Bonus +375% & x2 Double-Credits Bonus, the total amount that added up to almost 200K in total!!!😲🤑. Obviously I was trying to do as many KOs/perfect nitro/flatspins/barrels to earn as much credits as possible in 1 race! Oh also at VIP level 8 you will also get the +375% Daily Bonus twice a month. with level 6-7 I think u get the +325% or +350% something I forgot…😅

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Asphalt 8 Hack Click HERE